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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning Part 1

This weekend, the whole family worked on spring cleaning our house. We did all three bedrooms and the living room top to bottom. That includes walls, curtains, windows, shelving, linens and carpet. We finished everything except for reassembling one shelving unit. Not bad. We were so busy, I only got before and afters of our room:



Spring Cleaning Tips:

1. Set aside a good hunk of time and involve everyone. I personally made a declaration to my family that this was spring cleaning time and ALL were expected to participate. It ended up being really good clean fun (pardon the pun).

2. Grocery shop, bank, do bills and everything else you need to make sure that the cleaning is uninterrupted time.

3. Have all of your supplies assembled ahead of time including sponges, buckets, squeegees, furniture polish and cleaning solution. I personally clean everything (windows, walls and carpet) with a mixture of one gallon of hot water, 1/4 cup vinegar and a drop of dish liquid.

4. Make sure your vacuum and carpet cleaner are in fine working order because they will be working as hard as you are!

5. Utilize either your crock pot and/or freezer cooking meals while you clean. You don't want to waste time in a long involved meal or worse, eating out! You need energy from a good home cooked meal AND it is cheaper! Check out my list of crockpot meals here for ideas.

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